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10. Song on repeat off This Business of Heart?

Hmm, that’s a difficult one. I really like Not With You, The First and My Number, but then again I also like the way Sara says “oh yeah” in All You Got. I’ll go with Not With You, because that one is the funnest to sing!

Tegan and Sara questions if you want to start a conversation.

1: Favorite era?
2: Favorite song from every album?
3: Favorite song from every album by Sara Quin?
4: Favorite song from every album by Tegan Quin?
5: Favorite lyrics from your 5 favorite songs?
6: Favorite album?
7: Favorite show, if so link please?
8: Favorite musician excluding Tegan and Sara and why?
9: Song on repeat from Under Feet Like Ours?
10: Song on repeat off This Business of Heart?
11: Song on repeat off If It Was You?
12: Song on repeat off So Jealous?
13: Song on repeat off The Con?
14: Song on repeat off Sainthood?
15: Song on repeat off Heartthrob?
16: First song you've heard from them?
17: What got you into them?
18: Song you fall asleep to at night?
19: T-team or S-side?
20: Has your life changed because of them? if so in what way?
hey! are you going to st. pete's warped tour?!

No, I’m not. Warped Tour isn’t really my thing, I usually don’t like any of the bands who perform :/

I am deeply saddened that I won’t be seeing Fallout Boy when they come here to tampa on Saturday.

So so so sad.


8,000 Follower Giveaway ~ Part 3!

2nd Prize ~ Sunflower Sunset Skirt
4x by Hell Bunny from Modcloth
Size/fit/etc: This runs small in the waist and has no stretch.  Will fit up to 44” in the waist and the hips are free.

- You don’t have to be following me, but I’d love it if you did.
- Reblogs/likes count as entries.  Before I would say you could reblog as much as you’d like, but I’ve found that that typically doesn’t up your entry number, it just changes where your entry will be (if that makes sense).
- Giveaway blogs don’t count.
- You must have your ask box open so I can contact you and you also need to be comfortable with providing me an address to ship your prize to.
- I’ll ship outside of the US, but it may take me a bit longer to do so if I’m strapped for cash.  
- Giveaway will end on August 4th at 12am EST where I’ll be using a random number generator to pick a winner.  I’ll contact said winner and if they do not respond within 24 hours, I’ll pick another random winner.

Thank you so very much to everyone who’s supported my blog and made this experience so very wonderful!  Good luck! (: